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A brand-first digital marketing agency that believes that excellence honors God and inspires people

We specialize in crafting innovative marketing strategies that amplify brand presence and drive engagement. From creative campaigns to digital solutions, we focus on elevating brand experiences and connecting businesses with their target audiences in compelling ways.


We believe in the power of creation and aim to craft a brighter future for all through unwavering dedication to our core values of integrity, innovation, and client-centric excellence.

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Brand Management

Brand management is all about shaping how people see and feel about a brand, making sure it stays strong and appealing to its audience.

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SEO boosts online visibility organically, while SEM uses paid strategies like PPC for increased search engine presence.

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Marketing Strategy

The plan that connects businesses with their audience by understanding needs and outlining effective ways to promote products or services.

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Website Design

A great website design crafts visually engaging and easy-to-use online spaces that captivate visitors and drive interaction.

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UX/UI blends intuitive design and visual elements to create seamless and enjoyable digital experiences prioritizing user needs.

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We would love to put together a workshop for you and your team to talk about how The Art of Brand Genesis can help grow your business.

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Digital Design

Digital design crafts captivating visuals and experiences for the online world, shaping how we engage and interact across different platforms and devices.

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Print Design

Creating engaging print materials like brochures and posters, blending creativity with practicality to captivate audiences.

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The art of using words to engage, persuade, and prompt action, crafting compelling content for marketing and advertising.

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Who we work with.

We don’t work for brands. We work with them. Give each of the logos below a click to see some of the websites we’ve designed and maintain.

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eastgate church
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What are customers saying?

Tommy Eldridge
Tommy Eldridge
I have been doing business with Keith for some time now and have always received professional and prompt service.
Kerry Gwinn
Kerry Gwinn
Having worked with Keith on multiple projects, I can’t express enough how grateful we are for his expertise and quality of work. He is a forward thinker-always thinking of things that our team hasn’t thought of yet and heading off potential problems. Keith is eager to help in any way he can and goes the extra mile when needed. He has proven himself to be responsive to our needs when they arise. His work has taken our company to a level of professionalism beyond what we imagined. We look forward to many more years of partnering with Keith at Sixthday Group.
Kim Williams
Kim Williams
I have worked with Keith on various projects and always received an excellent product and dependable customer service and support.
Chris Lee
Chris Lee
Been working with Keith for many years. Always delivers on time and has exceeded expectations. Has often helped provide innovative and cost efficient to solutions to meet our needs.


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