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Our Mission

At SixthDay Group, we are committed to nurturing excellence in business, helping our clients create and achieve their visions. With a focus on growth, innovation, and success, we provide dynamic solutions that transform aspirations into realities. Our mission is to serve as a guiding light, fueling progress, and igniting innovation, while championing the success of those we partner with. We believe in the power of creation and aim to craft a brighter future for all through unwavering dedication to our core values of integrity, innovation, and client-centric excellence.

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Our Vision

To be the foremost catalyst for positive transformation and growth in the world of business and innovation. We envision a future where every client, from small businesses to nonprofits and churches, achieves their highest potential. Our vision is to lead the way in pioneering groundbreaking solutions, setting new industry standards, and inspiring a culture of perpetual growth, innovation, and success. At SixthDay Group, we see a world where our commitment to excellence becomes synonymous with the very essence of progress and prosperity.

Located in Covington, Georgia

At SixthDay Group, we’re proud to call Covington our home base. Situated amidst the historic charm and forward-thinking spirit of Covington, our company embodies the essence of this vibrant city.

As a dynamic marketing agency, our roots in Covington inspire our innovative approach. We blend the city’s rich history with cutting-edge strategies, delivering exceptional marketing solutions that elevate businesses to new heights.

Located in a city where tradition meets progress, we’re driven to empower brands, from startups to established enterprises, with customized strategies that resonate in today’s dynamic market.

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Our Founder

Keith Fountain

A seasoned marketing strategist with a dynamic career spanning over 15 years. Keith’s journey in the realm of marketing and digital strategy has been a testament to his relentless pursuit of innovative approaches that redefine industry standards.

With a diverse portfolio ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, Keith has honed his expertise in developing and executing comprehensive marketing strategies that yield impactful results. His unique ability to blend creative vision with data-driven insights has consistently propelled brands to the forefront of their respective markets.

Beyond his impressive track record, Keith is recognized for his leadership prowess. He champions collaboration and empowerment, fostering environments where teams thrive and ideas flourish. His commitment to excellence and continual pursuit of growth have not only shaped successful brands but have also inspired those around him.

A true visionary and advocate for leveraging the latest trends and technologies, He continues to spearhead groundbreaking initiatives, leaving an indelible mark in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and strategy.


The SixthDay Group

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