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Discover Affordable Excellence in Web Design!

Embrace the best of Covington web design with The SixthDay Group! We’re dedicated to crafting top-tier, tailored websites that align perfectly with your budget. Our team grasps the significance of a robust online presence and ensures it’s attainable for all, regardless of financial boundaries. Our focus on affordability and quality means delivering visually captivating, user-friendly websites designed exclusively for you. Experience the impact of a professional online platform without exceeding your budget.

Let’s team up and create a standout website unique to your business, where excellence meets affordability!

*Domain name not included.
**Content & images provided by the customer in advance.
***Hosting with The SixthDay Group must be used for payment options.

The prices above are for standard websites. E-Commerce is not included in this pricing and requires a custom quote.

How do I pick what I need?

image of different landing pages for websites for budget friendly web design

One-Page Website

The One Page Website is designed for established small businesses who desire new customers/clients to be in the top-of-the-funnel (ToFu). A one page website is typically used as a starter website to create a presence on the internet. A one page website will show people that you run a legitimate business and that your are serious about helping them with their needs.

$395 Setup Fee* + 11 month agreement

images of 3d website designs

Five-Page Website

The Basic 5 Page Website is designed for medium sized companies in need of creating a website for their brand that highlights their services, capabilities, and more. A five page website typically consist of these types of pages: home page, about page, services/capabilites page, pricing page, and a contact page. Of course, pages can be whatever you want as long as there are five of them.

Clients who typically choose this level of design are churches, non-profits, boutiques, coffee shops, meal prep services, landscaping companies, assisted living facilities, daycares, and more.

$895 Setup Fee* + 11 month agreement

3d renderings of websites

Ten-Page Website

The Standard Ten Page Website is designed for large companies/churches who are seeking to expand their website and have a variety of content to communicate. These larger websites create a greater SEO presence simply because of the increase in content and pictures. These websites drive more traffic to your website and produce greater leads for your business. It’s a great way to Tell Your Story.

Clients who typically choose this level of design are churches, doctors, dentist, hospitals, nutritionist, educational institutions, printing company, resturants, construction companies, government agencies, and more.

$1,450 Setup Fee* + 11 month agreement


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