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In 2018, Harmony Nutrition was born. As the Harmony team grew, Abby looked for dietitians who wanted to go the extra mile for patients by making sure patients fully understood their health condition. Abby built a strong team of registered dietitians who demonstrated the ability to tailor their teaching approach to meet the patient where they are.



  • Develop a brand that will not only be timeless but will be recognizable in a sea of nutritionist
  • Build out an easy to use website that communicates the mission and vision of Harmony Nutrition
  • Increase customer count by integrating their scheduling system into the website.
  • Improve organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS

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Increase in New Patient Sessions in 3 months


Increase in Website Impressions




Our team took 2-3 months, to bring to life the new Harmony Nutrition website. We initiated the process from ground zero, meticulously designing wireframes to present to the client. From there, we embarked on the journey of building and seamlessly integrating new features into the website’s framework.

The previous website had been drawing in a mere 800 impressions per month. However, with the launch of the revamped website, we’re thrilled to report a significant surge in traffic. Over the past 90 days alone, the website has garnered an impressive 47,000 impressions, marking a remarkable milestone in engagement and visibility.

The triumphant success of the website can be attributed to our unwavering commitment to organic SEO strategies, coupled with consistent updates and insightful blog posts. These elements have been pivotal in driving traffic and ensuring sustained growth since 2022. We’re proud to see the website thriving and look forward to continuing our journey of success with Harmony Nutrition.

Old Website
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New Website
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